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Young, healthy, well educated, trendy, unhappy.

A half century ago, psychologist Warner Wilson stated that a happy person is “young, healthy, well educated, well paid, extroverted, optimistic, worry free, religious, married, with high self-esteem, high job morale, modest aspirations, of either sex and of a wide range of intelligence”.
Today happiness is something we can all aspire. Every Monday, every month or with New Year, we make resolutions and are constant striving for a better self, happier life, fitter body, better look, less meat, less alcohol, more money, more holidays, etc.
Aspiration or rather something we ‘can’ buy?
Nowadays there are more and more personal trainers willing to help you become the better version of yourself. Everyone who knows more about weightlifting is considering himself a personal trainer and is selling his services to us, for that picture perfect body.  Or the so called life-coach, that teaches you how to live a better life.
Thousands of influencers who recommend products that you definitely should get to…

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