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Magical mornings

Mornings can be rough, especially when you're peacefully dreaming while the alarm clock destroys this blissful state.  Do you know that feeling? Of course we all know it. For one it's heavier than for the other depending on what type of person you are. Chances are you already know whether you’re a morning person or a night owl.. and if you don’t ask your loved ones. Asking my significant other, he would tell I’m definitely a morning person in comparison to him. Already at the first sound of the jingle of the alarm clock, I jump out of bed to start my day, while he is groaning heavily as the alarm sounds, clamping the pillow down over his head. 
Yes, I’m definitely a morning person. My "week" mornings look almost every day the same. It's a routine necessary in order not to burden my brain in the morning with thinking what I still have to do but to enjoy the tranquility of what morning offers.

I love the sound – or no sound – of the world waking up. The quietness in whi…

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